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Nightingale-Bamford School

The Nightingale-Bamford School is an independent school for girls in the Carnegie Hill neighborhood of Manhattan. Nightingale has recently acquired two adjacent brownstones for needed expansion of classroom space and will construct an addition on the brownstone properties. The two townhouses are located both in the Carnegie Hill Historic District and the Madison Avenue Special Preservation District, and were designed by Henry Hadenbergh, architect of the Dakota, the Plaza and the Waldorf-Astoria. BRB developed a design which integrates the additon with the existing main school building, but which maintains the front facades as well as a distinctive rear extension with bay window. BRB worked closely with the Landmarks Preservation Commission and used computer models and physical mockups to design a pleasing expansion to the school that minimized visibility from the street and is sensitive to the surrounding neighborhood.

With 580 students in grades K-12 spread out over ten floors, horizontal expansion presents a challenge to cherished adjacencies in the school’s interior. Like so many K-12 schools, Nightingale is simultaneously a single school and separate lower, middle and upper schools. Through a variety of graphic and computational tools, BRB helped Nightingale develop the most advantageous combination of expansions and relocations to create program centers on each floor, strengthening the divisional identities while enriching the overall K-12 school community.

The project has a number of significant sustainability initiatives and the school will attempt a LEED Silver certification.