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Molloy College Residence Hall

BRB Architects has completed the 34,000 sf residence hall and associated outdoor plaza at Molloy College. Fitzgerald Hall, as intended, has facilitated the transformation of Molloy College from a commuter college to a 24 hour learning community. As the first step in realizing the envisioned residential district at Molloy College, the building is designed to house 150 students in traditional single and double rooms, as well as four apartment style suites (6 students each). The planned restoration of Maria Regina Hall and construction of another residence hall will approximately double the resident community, completing the residential courtyard.

Designed to be durable and cost effective, Fitzgerald Hall is built using bearing wall technology with precast concrete planks. BRB developed a set of masonry details for window openings which showcase the thickness and functionality of the brick, while celebrating the effect of shadows and scale. While the brick selection and simple

massing are intended to extend the fabric of existing buildings at Molloy, the added articulation and richness of detailing suggest that Fitzgerald Hall was constructed generations earlier.

The building is organized, for maximum efficiency, as a simple double loaded spine, with two wings offset at the central lobby. This allows corridors to be shorter and more intimate, and for the exterior to be articulated at a more residential scale.

The entry level of the building is set a half level below the prevailing grade, allowing three occupied levels without a zoning variance. But, perhaps more importantly, this allows an entrance plaza to be carved out of the otherwise flat landscape. The result is an intimate outdoor venue for study, relaxation, barbeques, and other informal activities.