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Green Farms Academy - Lower School

BRB designed the expansion and renovation of the Lower School (K-5) at Greens Farms where new buildings complement the former 1920's Vanderbilt mansion and its outbuildings.

The expanded Lower School is comprised of a collection of smaller buildings located to the east of the Vanderbilt mansion. The kindergarten and 2nd grade classrooms occupy two original carriage houses. Art and science are housed in the original greenhouse. We designed 1st grade classrooms in a new wing overlooking the School's entrance court; 3rd - 5th grade classrooms are housed in a new wing that overlooks the School’s great lawn. All classrooms open directly to interior courtyards or exterior lawns and are connected by porticoes to newly-renovated administrative space, specialty classrooms, the library, and assembly space.

New and old buildings alike have been reorganized around a series of connected spaces. A new entrance tower provides a front door to the Lower School; the central courtyard and connecting porticoes make it easy for the young students to find their way.