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Lilypad - A New Geometry for Classroom Furnishings

Winner, Contract Design Magazine competition, “The Future of Design Showcase: K-12 Learning Environments”, February 2009

A classroom has always been a place to reveal natural orders to young minds, and the aesthetics of the teaching apparatus has evolved over centuries. But the desk remains essentially the same. It has no connectivity.

Technological advancements challenge our expectations of learning environments. By looking once again to patterns in nature we can re-learn how to order our educational environments. We can conceive of components that can grow organically and connect to each other and to the outside world. We can accommodate a variety of teaching techniques in an advanced and fluid teaching environment.

Jury Comment:
"When you look at the patterning, it translates the way kids may sit on the floor up to a desk level. If you told kids to go into an empty room and sit down and talk among themselves, they would sit in groups with perhaps one or two people out on their own. This system translates that irregular pattern and breaks down the box, which could help stimulate group thinking ... It would also be easy for teachers to move among clusters and students.”

-Nancy Huvendick, DC program director at the 21st Century School Fund in Washington, D.C