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Rippowam Cisqua School

BRB designed two projects at Rippowam Cisqua School that were built in summer 2010.

At the Cisqua Campus, BRB expanded and renovated the Lower School library. Enlarged from 1,200 sf to 1,820 sf by enclosing an internal courtyard, the library was reorganized to allow simultaneous use by two or more classes. Stacks were designed as mobile units that can flexibly define space. A larger circulation desk was custom designed and located centrally in the space.

BRB designed a completely new roof structure, transforming the space and improving building systems performance. The shallow gable roof was removed and a more steeply-pitched shed roof with north facing clerestory windows was installed. Diffuse daylight, proven to improve learning and a sense of well-being, reflects off the sloped pine board ceiling. The large expanse of the clerestory allows the space to be predominantly day-lit, lowering energy costs associated with lighting.

At the Rippowam Campus, BRB transformed a modest wood framed classroom wing into a high performing home for fifth and sixth graders. BRB reapportioned the classrooms to increase homeroom sizes and to create greater parity in floor area among the homerooms. The classrooms are lit by programmable indirect fixtures, each of which responds to available daylight levels and to teacher control. Upgrades to the classrooms include new finishes, smartboards, custom cubbies, built-in teacher stations, lighting, and solar shading.

BRB transformed the corridors in the classroom wing, arranging the classroom entrances to be regularly spaced and paired, such that each pair of entrances forms a “node” along the corridor path. At each node, the corridor is widened and treated with accent features. The identity of each class is extended into the corridor with a glass display case and tack-up area.