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Pace University - Master Plan

Our master plan for Pace’s downtown NYC campus re-envisions both the University’s three academic buildings as separate schools and its disparate outdoor spaces as a unified campus environment. The plan strengthens the sense of campus while simultaneously making the grounds more public. We proposed to reclaim William Street as a pedestrian thoroughfare, raise Printing House Square and reorient its geometry to reinforce the connection between One Pace Plaza and 41 Park Row, and convert the parking lot and unused yard along Frankfort Street to a terraced green connecting to Drumgoole City Park.

Our investigation extends to the architecture of One Pace Plaza, which sequesters itself from the adjacent, barren streetscapes. We propose that selective replacement of masonry with glass – at street level, at corners, and at the west façade – can transform the building into an open, luminous presence Downtown, further intertwining the life of Pace with the life of the city.


Programmatically, the plan coalesced around several recommendations that seek to distinguish the identities of the major divisions represented on the downtown campus.

—41 Park Row will be home to the faculty of Dyson College, while Dyson student gathering space and support functions will be relocated to the ground level, making them more visible and accessible.
—The East Building of One Pace Plaza will be the home of the Lubin School of Business, with faculty offices in Maria’s Tower and a dedicated Lubin entrance at Spruce and William Street.
—The West Building of One Pace Plaza will serve both potential applicants and existing students, accommodating the admissions/financial aid offices, student center, and classrooms.